About WCUC Assignments

You cannot learn everything from books or even a trainer. In real world projects, you will always have to do some research, ask other people and then solve some problems. Some of the questions may not have a proper answer. In this assignment, you can use Google or ask your friends for completing this exercise as you would do when you get a real world problem.

Another problem that we see with many young engineers today is that even if they have good technical knowledge, they do not have good communication skills. One of our additional goals is to make you more presentable. We have added a task (task 5 below) to also check your communication skills. If you feel you lack communication skills, you may also join our communication workshops. 

What to do in this assignment?

You will be given a set of multiple choice questions. 

  1. You need to find the correct answer
  2. You need to find why that option is correct
  3. You need to find why other options are not correct
  4. You should be able to answer about any concept/names that are mentioned within the question. 
  5. Present the solution for at least one problem in live webinar

Submitting answers and presenting

  1. You need to first submit your answers in the given google form.
  2. You need to come prepared for the live session where you need to present one of these questions and take all answers.

What is the prize for the winner?

  1. Every assignment winner will have a cash prize of Rs. 1000.
  2. Best participant chosen from every 5 assignments will get a cash prize of Rs. 5000.
  3. All winners will get lifetime network membership to our new portal www.buddycult.com.

Note: If you are from India, you will receive cash prize. If you are not from India, you will get equivalent credit ($70 / $15) in our portal.

How to participate?

  1. Register free for Weekly Cloud Upskill Connect for AWS (2020) course for free.
  2. Read the assignment instructions, prepare answers and upload it in the correct Google form.
  3. Present in the next live meeting.