With Daily Azure Community, you can:

>> Learn with your peers in our community portal (similar to Facebook) without any ads or negativity.

>> Attend regular live sessions on various topics related to cloud, data, and even programming.

>> Get discounts on official courses conducted by Trainso Training Solutions. Check here for courses.

Read more about DAC here: Daily Azure Community.

With the DAC courses bundle, you also get access to the recordings of past classes. Even classes you have not attended. So you will have a lot of materials to learn. You can also watch recordings or missed sessions.

We can also bring experts from the industry to teach us

Apart from our own in-house experts and community member sessions, we can bring experts from the industry to teach us from their experience. We will use the extra amount we receive as a fee than required to run the platform for inviting paid trainers.

Cloud is all about sharing, so why don't we make use of that concept in our learning programs too. the more members we have, the more expert trainers we can bring without burning individual pockets. So please spread the word.

We can't run this platform without your help!

Pay a small effective fee of Rs. 333.25 / $4.58 per month (when paid yearly) to help run this initiative, which is just 0.152 cents / around Rs. 11.10 per day. Price is inclusive of taxes. If you want to pay through GPAY or PhonePe or bank transfer, send a mail to [email protected]

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