This website was originally started to up-skill job seekers who has lost job during Covid-19 for free and has taught more than 1000 students. Based on our interaction with the students and job seekers, we realised that free up-skilling alone will not help a job seeker, especially when one is not having a job. One need at least a temporary job that pays so that he or she can meet the ends, do relevant work in a company that will count as experience, get career guidance from experts in the industry, get training to improve communication skills, and help for creating a good resume.

Therefore, we came up with the idea of a job loss insurance program through which, if you ever lose job, we will put you into a closed-group job-focused mentoring program from experts, and even provide a temporary job that will pay you, provide real-world experience and even the experience will count. The work will be on professional training tools developed by Trainso Training Solutions private limited, a a registered private company in India. This will allow you to work on real world projects, get real world experience, get a decent pay and even get an experience certificate.

Up-skilling does not need to only happen when you lose your job, it can be done even when you have a job. Prevention is better than cure. You can join one of the available up-skilling tracks when you have a job. We will teach tech as well as communication skills, provide mentoring by experts, work on real world projects, conduct mock interviews, and also help you prepare resume. And if you ever lost job, you can work for us and pay you a minimum pay per month equal to what you paid for the whole course. You pay us once and we will pay the same amount again and again every month until you get a job.

Once you complete the program, you may also work as a trainer with us. Our trainers earn between Rs. 45,000 (approx. $650) to Rs.75,000 (approx. $1000) per month just by teaching one hour per day. Train for few more hours per day and you may even stop working full time and train full time. As part of our upfront up-skilling program, we will also train you for giving training, provide feedback and even provide premium tools for training such as Zoom premium licenses that support upto 300 participants, all for no additional cost.

We have put a fee so that people will be serious in learning and we can also pay for trainers from within you. We however try to help you earn it back before you complete the course with part time tasks and as competition prizes. You can check below for current available tracks and their details including syllabus and fee. If you cannot afford any fee, please feel free to let us know about it. We have started this program to help job seekers and if we insist on a fee that you cannot afford, then we will be acting against our values.

Current learning tracks

  1. Azure DevOps Expert Track
  2. Azure Architect Expert Track
  3. Azure Security Expert Track
  4. Azure Admin Expert Track
  5. Azure Cloud Fundamentals Track
  6. Azure Developer Expert Track
  7. AWS DevOps Expert Track
    • Modules: AWS Cloud Practitioner (1 month) + AWS DevOps (3 months) + Project (3 months)
    • Total duration: 6 months
    • Best for: Azure DevOps enthusiasts with admin background
    • Join at: AWS Devops with Administrator (Zero to Hero)
    • Demo: See all current videos, even attend sessions and then decide for yourself with a two day access to all course materials at TWO-DAY COACHING ACCESS.

Important Notes:

  1. Labs, assignments, mock interviews and communication labs are part of focussed mentoring time.
  2. If you are in hurry and is ready to put more effort, we can conduct extra classes and fast pace the sessions. However, plan pricing will be based on above durations as the effort needed for trainers will be the same.
  3. If you are paying through NEFT, you can get a prorated refund for the modules not started at any point of time during the enrolment period. If you are paying through credit card, you can ask for refunds upto 28 days.
  4. You will be also enrolled into the coaching for free when you purchase the All Access Passes at: With an all access pass that include coaching, you can move to a different coaching program later, or join another coaching program after completing the first one.

More learning paths will be coming soon...

  1. Azure Cloud Essentials + Azure Dev (.Net) + Azure DevOps (Best for Azure DevOps enthusiasts with programming background)
  2. Azure Cloud Essentials + Azure Serverless Programming (Best for Azure enthusiasts with programming background)
  3. Azure Admin + Azure DevOps + Azure Security (Best for Azure Security enthusiasts)
  4. AWS Cloud Practitioner + Java programming language + AWS Developer Associate (Best for AWS enthusiasts with programming background)
  5. AWS Cloud Practitioner + AWS Architect/Developer Associate + AWS Devops
  6. Java programming language + Data structures and algorithms + AWS Serverless Programming (Best for AWS enthusiasts with programming background)
  7. Java programming language + Data structures and algorithms + Spring Boot

Please send a mail to [email protected] for more details with THE subject as COACHING AND MENTORING WITH JOB LOSS INSURANCE POLICY.

Thanks & Regards,
BuddyTutorial Team