Hello Friends,

For a stable job and to get a job faster if you lose your job, following things are important:

  1. Upskill regularly
  2. Have good communication skills
  3. Have contacts with experts who can mentor you on how to progress in career
  4. Help others when you can so that they will help you when you are in need
  5. Always have a plan B

I aim to solve all of the above 5 points with the job loss insurance program. This is Heartin Kaniathottu, an author, architect and tech evangelist. You can read more about me in Google or Amazon.

I originally started this website to upskill people who has lost job during Covid-19 for free and currently has around 750+ students. Upskilling does not have to only happen when you lose your job, it can be done even when you have a job. Prevention is better than cure.

You can upskill from numerous video courses you can buy for very cheap price. Why then we still have many people who has not achieved what they want? The best place to learn to achieve something is to learn from people who has already achieved. This is where an instructor led mentoring program can help.

I also realised that it is not always enough to just train people and leave them on their own. How will they survive while they are attending the coaching? How will they survive after the coaching until they find a job? For that we need a plan B. A plan B could be training people on a tech that you are good at or working n a company that will always hire you if you ever lose a job.

I want to make the BuddyTutorial platform into a job loss insurance portal that will help people to upskill through live coaching classes when you have a job (and when you do not have), get personal 1-1 or small group coaching and mentoring to get back on job if you lose your job, train people for a fee when you do not have a job and also work on paid projects when you do not have a job.

Similar to any insurance programs, this will only become successful if people with jobs come and support our initiatives. People with jobs can join the program and start getting coaching and mentoring based on a track that you chose.

Currently I am taking money from my pocket to run the website. I have also decided to have a fund raiser coaching and mentoring program to buy subscription for the platform that we use to host for a period of one year, and I will be personally coaching mentoring these people who has decided to help themselves and help others.

Learning paths with duration of each module (Current)

  1. Azure Cloud Essentials (1 month) + Azure Admin (2 months) + Azure DevOps (3 months)
    • Total duration of mentoring needed: 6 months
    • Best for: Azure DevOps enthusiasts with admin background
  2. AWS Cloud Practitioner (1 months) + AWS Architect/Developer Associate (2 months) + AWS Devops (3 months)
    • Total duration of mentoring needed: 6 months
    • Best for: AWS enthusiasts with programming / admin background
  3. Java programming language (2 months) + Data structures and algorithms (2 months) + Spring Boot (2 months)
    • Total duration of mentoring needed: 6 months
    • Best for: Developers looking for jobs in best product organizations
  4. Java programming language (2 month) + Data structures and algorithms (2 months) + AWS Serverless Programming (2 months)
    • Total duration of mentoring needed: 6 months
    • Best for: AWS enthusiasts with Java programming

Important Note:

  1. Labs, assignments, mock interviews and communication labs are part of focussed mentoring time.
  2. Additional 2-6 month mentoring time may be needed for working on a real world project.
  3. If you are in hurry and is ready to put more effort, we can conduct extra classes and fast pace the sessions. However, plan pricing will be based on above durations as the effort needed for trainers will be the same.
  4. If you are paying through NEFT, you can get a prorated refund for the modules not started at any point of time during the enrolment period. If you are paying through credit card, you can ask for refunds upto 28 days.

You will be enrolled into this program for free when you purchase the All Access Pass for a year, before December 10, 2020: https://buddytutorial.com/p/all-access. Additional discounts are available if you do a bank transfer. If you cannot afford, please feel free to let us know about it.

Please send a mail to [email protected] for more details with subject as INSURANCE POLICY FOR JOB LOSS. If you are confused about what you will learn in the duration you enrol, do ask to schedule a session while you send mail.

Following learning paths will be coming soon...

  1. Azure Cloud Essentials + Azure Admin + Azure Security (Best for Azure Security enthusiasts)
  2. Azure Cloud Essentials + Azure Dev (.Net) + Azure DevOps (Best for Azure DevOps enthusiasts with programming background)
  3. Azure Cloud Essentials + Azure Serverless Programming (Best for Azure enthusiasts with programming background)
  4. AWS Cloud Practitioner + AWS Developer Associate (Best for AWS enthusiasts with programming background)
  5. AWS Cloud Practitioner + AWS Serverless Programming (Best for AWS enthusiasts with programming background)

Thanks & Regards,
Heartin Kanikathottu & Students