This Weekly Java Upskill Connect is primarily designed for anyone whose job has got affected due to COVID-19 or for anyone who fear that their job may get affected if they don't upskill. We will discuss everything in Java starting from basics. Currently we are discussing modules listed here. You can find session 1 recording here.

Every module is covered with three types of sessions. First type involves quizzes and talks, and is called QuizAndTalk method of training and learning. Second type is called DoAndTalk method and involves practice with discussion. Third type called the TrainSo method involves standard theory based training with social participation exercises.

Webinars are conducted during morning India time (11 AM) on Saturdays and evening US time (10.30 PM) on Fridays.

In view of COVID-19, we have made this tech series available for free for everyone. Any money received through the paid option will be used to take care of the cost of managing this website and help more students. The author, Heartin Kanikathottu, has also pledged not to take any money for these talks. For more clarity on this program, you may contact the author at his Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

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Get the ticket free if you can't afford. Else you can pay the minimal one-time ticket charge that will help us maintain this website.

Heartin Kanikathottu is a published author, software architect, and a tech evangelist

Heartin Kanikathottu is a published author, architect, teacher and tech evangelist. Heartin is a published author with two books on cloud computing titled Serverless Programming Cookbook and AWS Security Cookbook, both published by Packt (UK).

You may also checkout his blogs and

Heartin and his wife Sneha believe that Knowledge is useless unless you share it, and the more you share the more you learn. Therefore, during weekends and their free time, they do many initiatives related to teaching, for kids and adults.

Heartin has pledged not to take any money as profit for any courses, as long as he has another full time job. Any fee received will be used to run his learning initiatives and help job seekers and students in need. He keeps a record of everything to show anyone who wants a proof.

AWS Security Cookbook is Heartin latest book on cloud computing.

Serverless Programming Cookbook is Heartin's first book on cloud computing.