This Weekly Cloud Upskill Connect was planned for anyone whose job has got affected due to COVID-19 and also for anyone who fear that their job may get affected if they don't upskill. Currently it is open to anyone who want to learn without taking shortcuts.

We will discuss the topics for one cloud computing certification at a time and cover at least 3 certifications by end of the year. Currently we are preparing for AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals certification. We will discuss theory as well as many sample questions live. We follow many innovative training methodologies such as QuizAndTalk method, DoAndTalk method and the TrainSo method. Our ultimate aim is to understand the concepts and then practice it along with others.

This is a learning community mentored by Heartin Kanikathottu and his friends at team Cloudericks. Heartin Kanikathottu is an author whose latest book has come 8th of best cloud computing books of all time. Heartin is not a full time trainer even though he has trained many students across the globe for free on Cloud, Java and communication skills. He works as a very senior engineer in a popular software company and you can learn from his industry experience too.

As many have wondered and asked, Heartin is not conducting these courses for money, as he anyway gets paid for his work and also from his book royalties. Heartin and his wife Sneha keeps aside a fixed percentage of their salaries for these initiatives. His aim is to build up a community of people who are interested in success and success alone. The examples of great personalities in the history of the world have shown that you cannot be successful working alone.

See you at Saturday, 08:00 AM IST (Friday, 07:30 PM PST). Do note the time zones carefully. There will be a live quiz based on the cloud concepts topic of AZ-900. Winner will get Rs. 1000 cash prize and lifetime network membership to BuddyCult.

In view of COVID-19, we have made this tech series available for free for everyone until end of this year. We will however charge a small membership fee of $2 per year for anyone who want to join the BuddyCult network so that we can run that platform without any ads and negativity like Facebook, but that is completely optional. The teacher, Heartin Kanikathottu, has also pledged not to take any money for these classes. You may contact Heartin Kanikathottu at his Facebook page or LinkedIn profile. Any revenue generated from this website goes for the maintenance of this website and helping people in need. If you are someone who has lost job, please don't hesitate to contact us and get the benefits too.

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Heartin Kanikathottu is a published author, software architect, and a tech evangelist

Heartin Kanikathottu is a published author, architect, teacher and tech evangelist. Heartin is a published author with two books on cloud computing titled Serverless Programming Cookbook and AWS Security Cookbook, both published by Packt (UK).

You may also checkout his blogs and

Heartin and his wife Sneha believe that Knowledge is useless unless you share it, and the more you share the more you learn. Therefore, during weekends and their free time, they do many initiatives related to teaching, for kids and adults.

Heartin has pledged not to take any money as profit for any courses, as long as he has another full time job. Any fee received will be used to run his learning initiatives and help job seekers and students in need. He keeps a record of everything to show anyone who wants a proof.

AWS Security Cookbook is Heartin latest book on cloud computing.

Serverless Programming Cookbook is Heartin's first book on cloud computing.