Learn English grammar with quizzes and talks. Who does not like to play quizzes games? But these are not just quizzes and games. These are language quizzes and word games.

So what about talks? Yes, teacher will definitely talk and provide guidance on grammar. But the talk in Quiz and Talk, is for making your kid talk in front of other kids and even parents.

You do not have to pay the fee upfront. You can simply register for free and experience the program during the trial days. If you do not like classes, you can simply cancel before getting charged.

So why wait? Let us learn English grammar with some fun through our newly developed quiz and talk format for kids.

All fee received through the paid option will be used to take care of the cost of managing this website and help more students during covid-19 times. The teacher, Heartin Kanikathottu, has also pledged not to take any fees for these classes until end of 2020.

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14 day free trial then ₹597 every 3 months

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Rs. 199 per month when you pay for three months at a time

Rs. 199 per month when you pay for three months at a time. There is a minimum fee that we need to pay.