Have you felt anytime that your communication skills needs to be improved? Do you think you may have got better opportunities with better communication skills?

With Covid-19, many has lost jobs and the expectations from job became stronger. Knowing a technology or skill is no more enough. You also need to be self-motivated, good in communication skills and well-connected with others. This course aims to help you in improving on communication.

Covid-19 has also opened up lot of new opportunities across the globe. Do you want to explore the new opportunities across the world that has opened up due to Covid-19? Is language skills the only thing that is stoping you?

This is not just a grammar course. This is a community of professionals who want to improve their language skills. With the new quiz and talk approach developed by Heartin Kanikathottu, you will learn English naturally through easy quizzes and grammar classes. You will also get opportunity to talk and improve your communication skills. You will get feedback both from the BuddyTutor team and from your peers.

Let us get better together.

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Any money received through the paid option will be used to take care of the cost of managing this website and help more students. If you cannot afford the fee, you may contact Heartin at his Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

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Get coaching and mentoring from experts on English Grammer

Get coaching and mentoring from experts on English Grammer