We see many posts from people complaining that they are not getting jobs in their preferred domains even after trying hard. Unlike the initial days of Corona lockdowns, there are more job opportunities than we have candidates. So why do some people still search for jobs unsuccessfully? 

In the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, there is an important quote. "The person who stops studying merely because he has finished school is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be his calling. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge". What makes the above quote more relevant for today is that this was said during the great depression time in the US, which is very similar to the Corona-related depressions the whole world is going through now. Therefore, to be safe and successful in any career, you need to continuously learn and up-skill yourself.

Due to Corona, Job opportunities got less in certain domains/job roles and more in others. If a domain or job role does not have enough, how much hard you try you may not get something good.

As Heartin Kanikathottu, the published author of the 8th best cloud computing book of all time (2020, BookAuthority.org) said recently in a talk, you need 7 things for a safe and successful IT career. 1) a job-oriented skill, 2) Decent communication skills (not grammar, but the ability to convey what is in your mind correctly), 3) Right learning materials, 4) Good professional relationships, 5) Be patient (try not to complain much), 6) Backup plans and 7) a good mentor. The Daily Engineering Community program is the first step towards achieving all of the 7 things you need to be successful. Many industry experts will be part of this community.

We can bring experts from the industry to teach us

Apart from our own in-house experts, we plan to bring in experts from the industry to teach us from their experience. Many trainers have agreed to share their knowledge and experience for free, as this is kind of a meetup.

However, we also plan to use any extra amount we receive as a fee than required to run the platform to invite paid trainers too. The more members we have the more trainers we can bring in without burning anyone's individual pocket.

Cloud is all about sharing, so why don't we make use of that concept in our learning programs too. the more members we have, the more expert trainers we can bring without burning individual pockets. So please spread the word.

If you are a trainer or expert, you can either take sessions for free as we do in meetups or for a fee if you want. You can also get a yearly membership by taking a session for the community.

Distraction-free communities and mastermind groups

Today's social media portals are filled with negativity, propaganda, promotions, spam, and even fake people. There is a saying, "If You're Not Paying For It, You Become The Product". We are being used by many with vested interests. We manage communities with more than 60,000 engineers and students across platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and a few others. We realized that you can learn a lot more, get real help from real people, and become a lot more productive if you stay away from all these negativities. That is why we decided to build a community platform for real people who want to learn together and become successful. 

According to the famous book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose is called mastermind groups. No individual may have great power without availing himself of the mastermind". People like Thomas A. Edison, Henry Ford, and even Mahatma Gandhi are examples. BuddyTutorial community brings you together with equally passionate people to achieve success in your career and life.

Highlights of the program

>> Connect every day at 9.30 PM IST or 11 AM CST to become an Engineering expert. Connect over meetings and Webinars.
>> Will add more live session time zones based on request.
>> 24 hours live replay sessions for webinars.
>> Community app to discuss and learn without all the distractions that you see on Facebook and other social media platforms.
>> Learn topics under guidance, get resources to practice, and present. You can even get Zoom account licenses.
>> For $2.4 (or Rs. 167) per month, this is the best career investment you can make for a year.
>> Learn what you want to learn. Actual topics will be decided based on feedback from users.

Draft plan for Daily topics 

Currently we are focussing on systems design concepts. To better do systems design, you need to learn system fundamentals including following topics:

Essential network protocols+ (TCP/IP, HTTP), Storage essentials, Availability, Latency, Throughput, Caching, Proxies, Load Balancers, Hashing, CAP theorem, Relational Databases, Key-Value Stores, Replication, Sharding, Leader Election, Polling, Streaming, Rate Limiting, Logging And Monitoring, Publish/Subscribe Pattern, Security And HTTPS, API First Design, REST APIs.

Those who are learning Java/.Net can implement or simulate them to improve their understanding of systems design and at the same time improving coding skills.

We can't run this platform without your help!

Pay a small fee of $2.4 per month / Rs. 167 per month (when paid yearly) to help run this initiative, which is just 0.08 cents / around Rs. 5 per day. Price is inclusive of taxes. If you pay through GPAY or PhonePe, we will take care of your taxes. For details, contact us at +91 74111 74113 or send a mail to [email protected]

This course is closed for enrollment.