Learn Azure Fundamentals and Azure Administration along with buddies and live instructors

Azure Admin is one of the most paying job roles out there. But can you jump directly into Azure Admin? No. You need to have decent Azure skills before you can become a Admin expert. Even Microsoft will give you an Azure Expert certification if you also pass either Azure Administrator or Azure Developer certification in addition to Azure Admin certification.

We will start with fundamentals and then administration. While we will cover all topics of AZ-900 and AZ-104 in class, students will get mentoring and guidance on what else to study to be successful in real world. Post completing a batch, you can also participate in real world projects and training exercise.

Unlike many video course portals, you can learn alongside buddies through study groups. You can also ask doubts to real instructors live on regular basis. We will help you grow into successful professionals. We will be there to help you and guide you in your times of need.

Discuss with class mates anytime and zoom account license for training

You will have access to zoom meeting rooms anytime you want. Just let your instructor and team mates know about your preferences. You can also get personal license to Zoom Business or Zoom Education with upto 300 participant support for no additional cost if you want to be mentored to be a trainer along with this coaching program. There is no additional cost for this mentoring nor the additional zoom license. If you buy a similar Zoom account with 300 participants, its cost alone will be more than double the course fee per month.

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Pay one time to join this coaching program

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Pay in three instalments with a small EMI fee

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