Azure Admin Mega Labs and Interview Questions

We will be adding 150+ lab notes (with screenshots) and 100+ interview questions (with answers) in next 60 days.

You can get this course for 100% FREE if you help us prepare 5 labs and 5 questions. For the effort of 5 labs and 5 questions, you will be getting 150+ labs and 100+ interview questions. Even the list prize is not much for 150+ labs and 100+ questions, if you do not want to contribute.

Once you enrol, you can join weekly Zoom connects for Azure Administrators to ask doubts, do labs together and even share knowledge with peer engineers. Even after you get the refund, you can be part of this group.

Course materials are prepared with help of students and job seekers. When you buy the course, you are helping those job seekers and students who are working on building this website and courses.

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150+ Labs, 100+ Interview Questions, Office hours

150+ Labs and 100+ Interview Questions, Office hours

Get 150+ Labs and 100+ Interview Questions, Office hours. Get back the money also if you contribute as per course guidelines.

Terms and Conditions

1. To get 100 % cash back you prepare lab materials for given 5 labs and prepare interview question answer for given 5 questions, within 25 days of enrolment.